Honda Repair And Service Watervliet New York

Honda Repair and Service Watervliet New York. Where you will find friendly, respectful service, proven expertise and prices below the dealership, for the car you love. At Whalen Automotive.

Trusted and proven Honda repair, service and maintenance for Watervliet NY.

When your Honda needs maintenance, service or repair, you couldn’t find a more friendly, professional place to go than Whalen Automotive. And you receive the wonderful benefit of prices below the dealership with a full 24 month, 24,000 mile warranty. You can’t beat that!

You can feel safe and secure when you bring your Honda to Whalen Automotive for repair and service. For 24 years Honda owners – just like you – have found Whalen to have more personalized, neighborly service and unrivaled Honda repair expertise. But the best part is, a full 2 year or 24,000 mile warranty, with prices below the dealership.

Honda repair and service and maintenance at its very best for Latham, Loudonville, Newtonville, Menands, Siena College, Green Island and Cohoes NY.

In Watervliet New York, the best place for Honda repair service is Whalen Automotive.

For trusted, qualified and friendly Honda repair and service, there is no place better than Whalen Automotive in Watervliet New York. 

Honda owners. We understand your struggle with auto repair.
Sometimes you simply get tired of taking your car to the dealership because of the high prices and long waits.
Maybe you are going to an independent auto repair shop and they aren’t treating you with respect.
But, how do you find a new auto repair shop?
A shop that will give you great service?
A shop that really knows your Honda?
A shop that backs everything up with a great warranty? (24 months or 24,000 miles)
Are you ready to try something new.
Here is a refreshing suggestion.

Honda Repair and Service At It’s Very Best At Whalen Automotive, Watervliet NY.

John Whalen - owner of Whalen Automotive, Watervliet NY, Honda Repair Service and Maintenance Speicialists.

John Whalen   We’re Here To Serve You. 

You are our most important priority at Whalen Automotive. Our only purpose for being here is to make sure your car is running to perfection. And, of course that you are completely happy with our work and personal attention.

One thing we love about you, The Honda Owner, is that you care enough about your car to make sure the scheduled maintenance and oil changes are done regularly. If you live in Latham, Newtonville, Loudonville or Watervliet, Expert Honda repair, maintenance and service is close by. At prices below the dealership.

There is no better way to keep your car running to perfection than to keep up with your maintenance. There is no better way to save money because maintenance is cheap. But auto repair is very, very expensive.

There is also nothing better you can do to  make your car last longer and hold its resale value higher, than just keeping up with your automotive maintenance.
The next time your car needs service why not give us a try. Find out what it is like to be one of our satisfied customers. You’ll notice the difference with your very first visit.

Repair, service and maintenance  for Honda automobiles.

The next time you Honda needs repair, service or maintenance, why not give us a try. Chances are, you’ll be back again and again.

See Our Honda Repair and Service Offers Below

Honda Oil Change Offer Watervliet NY

Print out and bring in this special offer for a low priced oil change and FREE car condition inspection to make sure everything is operating to perfection on your fine Honda automobile.

Whalen Automotive Watervliet NY

And if you need Honda scheduled maintenance, service or repair, you can apply this special offer to the work you choose to have done.

Whalen Automotive
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Honda repair and service and maintenance at its very best serving Latham, Loudonville, Watervliet, Newtonville, Menands, Siena College, Green Island and Cohoes NY.


Honda Service Repair Maintenance For Omaha Millard NE

Honda Service, Repair, Maintenance for Omaha, Millard, Elkhorn and Chalco Nebraska. When keeping your Honda in like new condition is all that matters.

Honda owners. You made a great choice when you purchased your car. You own one of the most mechanically respected vehicles in the world. Honda is second to none for engineering, safety, style, reliability and resale value.

So now that I have made a great choice on my car, my next big decision is – Where Do I Take It For Honda Service?

Honda service by ASE Certified Master Technicians. For Omaha, Millard, Chalco and Elkhorn Nebraska.

When you want the very best Honda service, repair or maintenance, what do you do? You take it to an auto repair shop who uses all ASE Certified MASTER Technicians only. Yes. There is a difference. Even the dealership doesn’t have that.

CHOICE #1: Should I go back to the dealership for Honda service? Of course you could. But they are the most expensive option, with the longest wait times.

CHOICE #2: Should I take my Honda to an independent auto service shop? You could. But are they fully qualified to service your Honda? Do they have the FACTORY diagnostic equipment? – OR- do they have instead, the generic diagnostics which are far less accurate?


Here’s What You Need To Know About Diagnostic Tools…

Factory diagnostic tools are extremely expensive. A large up front purchase price and a significant monthly fee for upgrades. As such, most independent auto service shops settle for generic tools. Why? Because they are much cheaper.

The problem? The cheaper tools are no where near as accurate. Because they are not pin point accurate, the mechanic must often spend extra time seeking to find and repair the problem.

THAT EXTRA TIME COSTS YOU EXTRA MONEY ON YOUR HONDA SERVICE BILL! And – it might not even be fixed properly.

CHOICE #3: Does the independent shop have Honda qualified ASE Certified MASTER Technicians who really know your car?

Most independent automotive repair shops work on all makes and models. That means: They are a Jack of all trades. Masters of none.

Have you ever heard of ASE Certified Technicians. Sure you have. Almost every auto service shop in town has an ASE sign hanging on the front of their building.

But there is one qualification that only 7% of the auto repair mechanics have. ASE CERTIFIED MASTER TECHNICIANS. And that is what separates the experts from the average.

Choice #4: Does the dealership or independent Honda service shop have the best warranty?

Most auto repair shops, even the dealerships, offer only a 12 month – 12,000 mile warranty. The average, bottom of the barrel warranty. Which means the most risk for you and the least risk for the dealership or independent auto repair shop.

But Omaha Japanese Auto Repair gives you a full 24 month, 24,000 mile warranty for parts and labor with your Honda Service. That right there shows you just how confident we are about our work.
Honda service you can trust. All ASE Certified MASTER Technicians. The top 7% of the industry.

Honda repair, maintenance and service for Omaha, Millard, Chalco and Elkhorn areas of Nebraska.

We look forward to meeting you.
Call today 402-330-3571
Omaha Japanese Auto Repair
Honda Service, Maintenance and Repair
Servicing Honda & Acura Automobiles Exclusively
4413 South 134th Street
Omaha, NE 68137


Honda Summer Service Checkup for Omaha and Millard Honda Owners

Honda Summer Service Checkup for Omaha and Millard Honda owners

Omaha Japanese Auto Repair  Honda Summer Service Checkup

Honda Service, Repair and Maintenance Excellence without the high dealership prices and hassle. A refreshing change that could be exactly what you are looking for.

Get your Honda ready for the summer heat, with a Honda Summer Service Checkup for Omaha and Millard Honda owners. At Omaha Japanese Auto Repair, we will check your Honda to make sure it can handle the added stresses of summer’s high temperatures. We will make sure all your fluid levels are topped off. That your tires are filled properly because low pressure, especially at higher heat, can wear a tire out 2 to 3 times faster.

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