Car Alarm San Antonio – Ford Truck Best No Theft Device

Car Alarm San Antonio – Ford Truck Best No theft Device – that really isn’t a car alarm at all. HUH? Keep reading.

Check out the revolutionary Ravelco. The one-and-only Truck NO-THEFT-DEVICE in the nation. Not just a car alarm.

Ravelco Auto, Truck, Car Alarm For San Antonio TX.

If you click on this photo, it will take you to the National Ravelco website. Scroll down to the bottom of that page and click on the video in the middle of the page that says RAVELCO in red. This is an independent ABC News report on just how invincible the Ravelco auto anti-theft device is.

Almost 5 million Ravelco Car Alarms have been sold, and there has not been even one car, Ford pickup truck or big rig stolen!! Now that is amazing. And that includes car and truck thefts in San Antonio.

Will your Ford Truck be one of the 15,000 to 20,000 vehicles stolen in San Antonio in the next 12 months? Will you become a car theft victim? Even if you have a car alarm?

Stop the car thief cold in his tracks. You can't defeat a Ravelco  auto security device.

Car and truck theft becomes a thing of the past with Ravelco. You can breathe easier once you have placed this car and truck anti theft device on your vehicle. This one item could make you sleep a lot easier at night.

You may have gotten a car alarm installed by the dealership. But the truth is, a professional truck thief can steal your truck withing 90 seconds to 3 minutes. And your car alarm cannot stop them. They know exactly how to disarm your car alarm with ease.

Now that you have seen this, you know that the Ravelco Engine-Lock is the only device that can protect your Ford truck from auto theft in San Antonio.

So now you have to to make a decision. Do I just continue to take the risk that my truck won’t be stolen and save the money.  Or – do I make the one time investment to purchase the best auto security system available. Then, from that moment on, you never have to worry about your Ford truck being stolen again.

Ford Truck security car alarm San Antonio

Paul and Kerry Bell are you local distributors for the best car alarm in the business. But it’s not a car alarm at all. It simply keeps your car from ever being started by anyone but you. They can’t steal it if they can’t start it!

We had our decked out diesel Ford Excursion stolen in our own parking lot, not 50 feet from our store. IN BROAD DAYLIGHT!    I went out to go run an errand and couldn’t find our vehicle.

I went back into the store to ask my wife if she moved it. She did not. We both went out to find our vehicle, but it was gone. Even with a working car alarm installed in it, our beloved Ford was stolen virtually in front of our eyes. It cost us some $6,000 to get the new Excursion add-ons that our old one had. That is the bite the car thief took our of our wallet. Insurance never covers everything. You have to pay the rest out of your own pocket.

In the process of getting a new Excursion, we found out about Ravelco. We had one installed in our new Excursion immediately. We were so impressed with Ravelco, we not only got one for our vehicle, we bought the Ravelco Dealership for San Antonio Texas. We are true believers. And you will be too.

Ravelco Car Alarm System San Antonio Texas. Eliminate car and truck theft.

Ravelco – The Only Truck NO THEFT DEVICE for San Antonio Texas. It makes the simple car alarm look like ancient history!

Give us a call right now. Find out how the Ravelco auto security system can keep your Ford Truck safe and sound.

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