Auto Repair Las Cruces At Adams Tire And Auto Center

Auto Repair Las Cruces At Adams Tire And Auto Center.

Auto Repair Las Cruces? STUNNED WE WERE! The last thing on earth my wife and I thought we’d be doing was looking for automotive service in Las Cruses New Mexico. After 800 miles driving from Houston, the car just stopped in the middle of I -10, at rush hour, in El Paso. We were able to pull over into a small construction area. But, what are we going to do now!?

A Miracle? After a few minutes wait, the Suburban started again and we kept going west on I-10. Little did we know that in the next 30 minutes we would be looking for auto repair in Las Cruces New Mexico.

About the time we hit the Las Cruces city limits, our Chevy Suburban stopped again. But just like last time, after about 5 minutes, it started. We’d had enough however. We decided to spend the night. The next morning we started looking on the internet for an auto repair shop in Las Cruces.

Adams Tire and Auto Center, auto repair Las Cruces.

Auto repair Las Cruces at its very best! Friendly, professional and great at what they do, we stumbles across the finest, most helpful, most friendly car repair shop in town. Adams Tire and Auto Center. Suzy, Rick and Billy are as good as it gets when it comes to friendly service and getting the job done right. Thanks Adams for all your help!!

Auto Repair Las Cruces At It’s Finest – At Adams Tire and Auto Repair Center

Well – It just so happens that for the last 30 years my career of choice has been “Auto Service Marketing Expert”. As such, I know exactly what to look for in an automobile service shop to make sure they know what they are doing. I searched the internet for the keywords auto repair Las Cruces, and found a large number of car service shops. After checking several, the one I liked the best was Adams Tire and Auto Repair Center.

Adams just had the right feel and features that made me think this was the best place to go in Lase Cruces. We weren’t disappointed.

Rick and Suzy Hermes, Auto Repair Las Cruces at Adams Tire and Auto Repair

Rick and Suzy Hermes, owners of Adams Tire and Auto Repair Center. Automotive service in Las Cruces with quality and personal attention at it’s very best.

Suzy Hermes, general manager checked us in at 7:30 am and Rick started doing the diagnostics on our Suburban. To make a long story short, Adams Tire and Auto Repair Center had to change out the fuel pump. Side note: But our Suburban made it a full 170,000 miles on that first fuel pump!!

While Rick was working on our Suburban, Billy helped to keep us company and make sure we were comfortable. He even sent us over to Dick’s restaurant just down the street to have lunch. And as a side note: Dick’s is a wonderful, friendly place to eat with great food and sweet people! Give it a try sometime.

How did Adams do with our car repair problem? For the next week and 1,600 miles of our journey, everything worked perfectly.

Who Has The Best Auto Repair Las Cruces Has To Offer? From our experience we have to say Adams Tire and Auto Center? What I Would Tell You Is This…

What I would tell local Las Cruces car owners is this: You are lucky to have such a great, friendly automotive service shop in Las Cruces! I would recommend them to anyone no matter how big or small a city they were in.

They really care – and treated even transients like us as if we were their next-door neighbors. The best car or truck service Las Cruces has to offer, just waiting for you give them a try. Give Adams a call today. You won’t be disappointed.

Signed, Zed and Betsy Daniels – Houston TX

Adams Tire and Auto Repair Center
2001 S. Valley Dr.
Las Cruces, NM 88005
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